Sunday, March 2, 2014

A flurry of weddings

We went to the wedding of a dear friend last night.  Even though it was quite blizzardy out it was beautiful.  They lit a Chinese lantern and sent it flying as part of the ceremony.  It was so pretty.  Plus we have 2 more weddings coming in the next month or so.  So I had to get busy making wedding cards.

For this one, the invites were really modern so I used a modern chevron embossing folder and stripes in their wedding colors.

For this one it was vintage elegance (or country elegance ... the bride wore a beautiful white dress and cowboy boots:) )

I used a viney stamp the I have that reminds me of a shelf and put the words on top.  This was actually mimicking the theme of their invitations too. 

Apparently I'm in a white on white mood for most cards these days.  But it works.

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