Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unicorn Award

Ok, so without going into great gory engineering detail ... funny work story.  A guy I work with (Justin)  did something that made a task a lot easier for one of my team members.  When I told Dan about it his eyes bugged out ...  A LOT.  So apparently during a status update  telecon I made a comment that Dan's eyes bugged out like he just discovered the last unicorn.  Now I don't remember saying that, but it does sound like something I would say, being a lover of simile and all.

So last week I saw Justin and he thanked me ... because the guys he works directly with were on the telecon ... and thought the comment was hysterical ... and gave him a Unicorn Award certificate.  I haven't seen it but I snickered (loudly, maybe even snorted a little) when he told me.  Then he said he finds random unicorn bookmarks and paraphernalia that just gets anonymously left on his desk.  So now Justin is the proud owner of a unicorn collection, something he never dreamed of or wanted.

I feel that since I inadvertently set these things in motion, I ought to be a part of the collection making :)

The unicorn is a digi stamp that my stamping buddy Tara had.  She printed then asked if she could color it after I told her the story.  Since she has mad coloring skillz and a love of all things Stickles, I said sure.  Love how the little glitter and rainbow fella turned out :)
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