Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My First Any Hero Card

When I received my OWH stamp that I ordered to stamp the back of my soldier cards, I was pleasantly surprised to also receive a free status of liberty stamp from the Stampers Best company.  Its amazing and I deiced to use it to make my first Any Hero card for OWH.  Any Hero cards get sent out to various units and given to random soldiers.  They are meant to encourage.  I've seen examples on OWH from school kids just writing about their every day life. I'm told news form home is treasured.  I just want to sen my thanks.  So this will be going in my next soldier box which should get mailed out this week.

See the detail on the statue of liberty ... I told ya ... amazing.  I couldn't believe it was included for free.  It was their way of saying thanks ... and this is mine.

Since this card will be going out soon, I did a more patriotic color scheme.  Oh, and the stamps I ordered for the back of the cards ... they reiterate the sentiment.  So all of the cards I send in now will be saying "thank you" from me :)

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