Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why we celebrate

Christmas is a big deal all over the world and especially in the papercraft realms ... cards, gift tags and packaging, decorations.   It gets to be a crazy time of year, with all the hustle and bustle.  This year I did something different.  Instead of trying to squash everything into a day, I celebrated with my girls last weekend. 

They were at my house for the weekend and before the study frenzy of finals week started, we had a nice family evening - junk supper (pizza, cheese sticks - what ever appetizers are in the freezer :o).  We opened presents, and by my DDs request we did them all one at a time so we could see and enjoy the gift with the person who got it. Then we watched one of the many movies we got as a "family gift" (Monsters vs. Aliens - I love BOB)

So now as the "day" approaches, I'm sitting back, relaxing and baking cookies to take to my folks.  I don't feel the pressure that I usually do to get everything done, because there is just less to do.

But not having the added stress of coordination makes me think more about what why we celebrate.  If not for the child in the manger, there would be no Christmas ...

Wishing you all the joy of the holidays!

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