Friday, December 4, 2009

Special Christmas cards

When my girls were littlies, they loved to open mail.  They thought it was great to get junk mail, but even better when their name was on it.  One friend of mine has such adorable kids, I wanted them to get their own Christmas cards this year.

For Ilse I made a red & black one ... she has the most adorable gingham sundress that inspired this card so now I always think of her in red and white.

And for Ayden I made one with trees - what boy doesn't like trees :)

 For the parents I made an original card (not the mass produced ones I am sending out) using Vintage Ornaments.


 I "glitterfied" it ... it really reminds me of ornaments on my parents tree we had when I was growing up.


and I love this sentiment that came in the set ...

God Bless!

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