Sunday, February 7, 2010

BRR ... and it was freezing!

I survived BRR 2010 ... I really want to get back in shape and get out on my bike again, even if I never ride this event.  It was about 27 degrees at ride start.  It never did snow but it got colder in the early afternoon.  Too cold for me to be outside for very long, even in my cuddleduds and performance fleece.

So without further ado, here is the Jimmy Fins Racing Team:

Thats James on the left (he rides) and me on the right (I drove the Midge Express to various points along the route in case there was a break down, gear needed to be changed or water bottles needed refilling)  I stayed toasty warm for the most part except for when I was in ankle-deep snow taking 100+ pictures as the riders came by.

Here is just a sampling:  [Click on photos to see a larger view]

Getting ready

First check point is the HyVee sponsored hot chocolate stand. 

Riders on the Road

Milling About


Land Shark - you know the theme from Jaws is playing in your head right now

In Rippey - the half way point

We had lunch in Rippey

and then headed back on the road.
Pix on the Road

And finally getting back to town

Didn't take any pictures once we got back to Perry .. too cold, too tired.  We just secured equipment and got back on the road to Des Moines.  

After a rest and barbeque at Jethro's, the road crew whipped the rider in Wii Resort ( in wakeboarding and speed slice).  The road crew, ironically, got killed in Mario Kart :o)

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