Friday, February 5, 2010

BRR 2010 - Land of the FREEzing, Home of the BRRave

As you read this I am on my way to Perry Iowa to participate in the 34th annual BRR bike ride between Perry and Rippey. 

Bike riding in the winter ... are you nuts?  Well no, but my good friend is.  He is riding and I am providing road support in case there is a break down or the weather gets bad enough that he needs to stop. 

Apparently this ride goes on no matter the weather.  The first year my friend rode it was -47 (wind chill) You read that right MINUS 47.  Thats the kind of weather where you start up a fire in the fireplace and cozy down for the day, not head out on the open highways of Iowa. 

Right now the weather at the ride start looks to be upper 20s and snow ... again I reiterate I will not be riding :)

I'll post some picks of the brrave souls on the ride (and maybe me all cozy in the Midge Express) next week.

Until then, enjoy your weekend

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