Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Pirate's Life For Me

The team that I have managed for the last year is breaking up this week.  Our department is reorganizing and as such we are getting "re-aligned".  We've known its been coming for several months and this Friday its finally here.

Our "mascot" is a cardboard golden retriever named Bud - taken by our manager at the time from a grocery store beer display and our M.O. is pirates:)  In honor of the men and women I have been proud to work with I give you ... a pirate card

I used the CPS sketch this week for the layout, my Pirate Kaylee for the focal image and a couple of "not specifically pirate but re purposed" stamps sets to make the rest of the card.

The jolly roger I found on the internet and printed off on white card stock.  I extended the black area of the flag using MS Draw

I also did a super quick coloring job on Ms. Pirate.  I wanted to have some shading and light source but didn't want to spend all day on it (since shhh ... I have to mass produce these)

Thanks for stopping!

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