Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cards for no reason

Well not really no reason, I have someone to thank and some birthdays to celebrate, but no contest, no online anything.  Just cards.  Cuz I felt like it :)

First up is a birthday card for my sister-in-law.  I'm late on my brother's birthday card so I'll just mail them together most likely, but I thought I'd do an elegant one this year instead of the normal fall themed card.

Besides, I haven't used my vase set in months ... I think it felt lonely :)

Next is my brother's card ... I did at least leave him a Facebook message so I didn't completely forget it, just didn't get the card in the mail when I should have.  I always do a fall themed one for him ...  thought the acorns would be good this year.  He's kind of a nut :)

And finally a thank you for someone at work.  This one was just in my head and I needed to get it made before I forgot it.

I love the Autumn Abundance set ... its so color-able!  This was also the first time I inked up my Simple Sunflowers (for the background).  Its a sad thing when I had a set for like 2 months and it hasn't seen ink yet.  Means I'm too busy!  Hope the Christmas sets I just ordered don't suffer the same fate!

Thanks for stopping!

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