Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coloring Endeavors

I spent the better part of this evening color my new Tiddlys.  I love these digis more than I can say

Here's the lot of them

 This is Chi ...I wanted to work on the dark honey hair on this one.
I didn't even write down the Copics I used so I hope I can recreate this some time again (and document the formula.  I'm a Systems Engineer - you'd think I'd know the benefits of design documentation by now :/

This is Poppy - or maybe its Pinky.  Hard to tell them apart (Dogs R Fun is the digi name).  I think this is my fave of all that I did.

These next 2 are Poppy.  I colored one a little Alice In Wonderland-ish  and the other ...

Very not Alice.  I like them both although I think I did a better job on the pink hair.  I used the Warm Grays on the pink haired Poppy's dress.  I just got those recently and love them.  Who knew there were so many different shades of gray (yeah I know 50 - but lets not go there.)

Thanks for stopping!!

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