Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Howl-oween

Before you look at pictures, let me fix explain that I normally do not like clothes on dogs - any animal for that matter. My dog does have a sweater because she goes a little crazy if she doesn't get her walks, even in sub-zero Iowa winters. The other piece of information you need was this was not a dog costume, so I guess that makes it a little more OK :\

My oldest daughter needs to dress up for Halloween for her job. She went shopping and found a great costume, except it was a vampire costume. Now I'm all for Halloween fun, but I don't let my girls dress on the darker/demonic side. So Colie is going as an upper class victorian era lady - dressed in black and red velvet. The collar is now the dogs costume ... for as long as she lets it stay on

beautiful red (plastic) gem in the brooch don't you think

Kind of looks like the cone of shame from Up. She tries to get it off as if it were too :) The soft velvety black actually does match her coat pretty well, tho.

So here are both of the girls dressed up for a party

Pretty cute huh!

My youngest found a witch costume (also off limits) but the cut of it looks a lot like Lucinda from Ella Enchanted - fairies are OK - so thats who she will be, with all the glitter and glitz that goes with fairie-hood. No pix of her yet, but I'm sure I'll snap a few once she is in full fairie regalia

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