Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: The Year In Review

Way back in January I set a goal ....  1-2 cards per week all the year through.  I wanted to challenge myself to be making cards all the time and blog about it.  I wanted to end the year looking back to see how I did.

Blog Posts:
At 2 cards per week, I would have made 104 posts plus a few holiday posts.  Looking back I hit that goal sometime in September (nothing like being an over achiever :).  I made over 170+ posts this year!  That was way beyond what I ever would have thought possible 11 months ago.  So now I'm wondering what the stretch goal should be for 2011 :)

I submitted my first card for publication.  I've sent in several this year, and while none have been selected, it took a lot of courage to put myself out there so breaking that barrier means a lot.   I'll keep submitting in 2011 and maybe at next years review I can say I had my first card published!

I also screwed up my courage to enter the Gallery Idol contest.  Again didn't get past round 1, but I tried!

I entered a lot of online contests.  Most were random winner, but Go-to Gal Betsy Veldman had a contest on her blog that she selected the winners.  I got in the top 3 on that with this card  That was awesome!!

Operation Write Home
I wanted to continue to support this wonderful organization.  I sent in a lot of boxes, though they were smaller but got sent more often.  Last year I sent in 300+ cards due in large part to donations from fellow demonstrators.  Not sure what the total is this year, but I'm still happy that I supported them. 

Also was in on one of the blog hops they had and got a friend to join in, so slowly but surely the word is spreading :)

Plus they won second place in the Joannes Crafting for A Cause contest (and $25000!!!)  Yay OWH!

That's enough "year in review" I think, but it is good to think back on all the things you've done in a year.  Sometimes the accomplishments fade and what ever the current struggle or failure is fills your thoughts making you think you didn't get anything accomplished.

Wishing you and yours the all happiness and paper crafting joy in the coming year!


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