Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cards For Heroes - Ready To Ship

I am sending out the Cards For Heroes cards today.
We made over 50 cards, plus had many donated cards.   As a demonstrator with lots of demonstrators friends, there are always samples lying around. I did not do a final count but I am guessing between 75 & 100 cards will be in the flat rate box when I ship it.

I separated them out into types (birthday, kids, friends etc) and bagged each group just in case there is a mishap enroute (its been storming a lot here in the Midwest lately so I don't want them to get ruined by weather.

I also had a friend donate a bunch of envelopes to help the cause.

Check out the Cards For Heroes website if you are interested in helping with this wonderful organization.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. How great to see these photos. When I owned my store, we did a similar thing by having women (and men) come and do pajama parties to stamp for the troops and their families. Brings back memories for me....thanks for sharing!