Thursday, July 2, 2009

Other Artwork

I don't have a card to share today, but wanted to post some of the artwork that is hanging around my house.  I have been taking the best 1 or 2 art projects my girls have done for the last 10 years and hanging them on the "art wall"  - complete with classy black frames and in some cases title and author tags (I stopped making the tags a few years ago, but I may start back up again - gives it a museum feel :o)

Here are a few collage shots of the walls:
Here is Detective Snowman, the sandpaper print and chocolate collage
This one has the MDF painting and comic strip
and last but not least the black and white, pencil and marker drawings
The latest projects haven't gone up yet.  They do self portraits/enlarging by taking a picture and then recreating it either in pencil or a color medium (my eldest is loving prismacolors in art class, but is slow to embrace my Copics - which is ok since them I don't have to fight her for them!)
So here is my gangsta wannabe youngest DD:
She loves to draw but ran out of time to do a lot of shading (thats what snow days will do to ya!), but I love it because I can see her in it - the look, the attitude, the set of her mouth - definitely my baby!  Her hair is much shorter now so I might have to make her make a new drawing so I have a more recent look.
My older one got to use those prismas again and made this for the final project of the year - studying the human form:
I had to take the picture off angle a little - wanted lots of natural light, but did not think about all the glare off the glass of that classy black poster frame!  She went outside the bounds of the assignment a little by making her face an "anime'" face.  Anime' is her fave form of animation / illustration and her room is adorned with drawings she has done for character illustrations for the stories she writes.  The teacher didn't dock her any points for it though.
Thanks for stopping by - have a great 4th of July

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