Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stamp-a-faire 2012: A recap

So I'm not much of a scrap booker.  And while I LOVE my mini book from SAF, I really didn't know what to do with it.  Until I packed my projects from SAF to bring to church to show some of my friends there.  And I realized that there were 5 envelopes and there were 5 cards, and if I printed off some stuff I could add that to the fronts of the envelopes to record the SAF challenges.

I already had the pictures of everything, all I had to do was print :)

The front didn't change except for the label.

Inside I printed descriptions on vellum of what each challenge (or in this case the make-take) was.  I printed a couple of pix of each project to slide inside the envelopes.

I kept the descriptions basic, withthe challenge I chose form all the ones presented, the colors I used and who the tutorial instructor was.  I also used Nichole's trick of scoring a line on the vellum to hide the tape edge ... brilliant that one!

And do you see the badges hiding behind the vellum?  I scanned them all, printed on white card stock and punched with a 1.75" circle punch.  It fit perfectly with just a hint of white all around the edge.

So thats my "recap" project :)  Other than some printer mishaps it took less than an hour to decide what to write, find the perfect font, print, and assemble.

Thanks for stopping!

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