Friday, July 20, 2012

Stamp-a-faire is here

Tonight is meet and greet night.  Since the theme is Summer Camp, the food of choice is s'mores.  I made baked s'more bars that I will share with my fellow stampers tomorrow when we gather in my basement hideaway to get crafty all day.

 My daughter and her friend had to "taste test" them for me :)  They are so helpful
 The dog wanted to get in on the action too, but I drew the line there :)

So tomorrow is Stamp-a-faire.  I'll blog about it but probably not real time.  I've got a group of friends coming over and I plan on just crafting all day unless I wear out before its over.

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  1. Those baked s'mores look delicious!!!!! And how fun that you are having a bunch of friends over tomorrow for the day! I hope you all have an amazing time together! Hopefully we'll see you a bit around the forums too!