Thursday, December 2, 2010

Calendar Class: Day 5 - Autumn

Well here it is the last day ... Fall is my favorite time of year.  To be honest, the whole color scheme for the calender was driven by December ... I knew I wanted Cherry Cobbler - a rich red color.  I selected colors  for the other months that would move in concert with this one color .... so fall got reds and rusts (Riding Hood Red and Cajun Craze).  This blended into the oranges and yellow I used for summer.  Those blended into the yellow greens of spring, and I went dark to light in the blues to slide into the lighter green without too much conflict.  I love the rainbow look it gives on the side of the case

November was another hard month to do.  I have a few thanksgiving sets, but they were a little more cheesy images and didn't go with the rest of the calendar pages.  I settled on pumpkins ... what's Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie right ... In the end I think it worked well.

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